Licensee and operator of the Jack Taylor Airfield.


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FAKR Joining Procedure

Radio: “Krugersdorp Traffic”

Frequency: 122.0 MHz

Runway: 08/26 (732m x 29m tar). Grass strip (unregistered strip and therefore to be used at pilot’s discretion.)

Inbound aircraft MUST broadcast on 122.0 MHz when 5 miles inbound and thereafter as appropriate for joining and landing.

Licensee and operator of the Jack Taylor Airfield.


Krugersdorp Flying Club

The Krugersdorp Flying Club is the Airport Authority (Operator) and Licensee of the Jack Taylor Airfield situated 2nm west of Krugersdorp, now known as Mogale City. Elevation is 5500′ and is below the Lanseria TMA which extends upwards from 6500′.

HMS Krugersdorp, as the Airfield is affectionately known, is built on top of a hill . Approach and short finals on runway 26 has a cliff of about 200′ and can make for exciting flying.

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