A great passion for flying and the love of aviation led to the founding of this company.

Specializing in the sales and service of top quality, well designed aircraft, rotorcraft and related products. With a personal and hands on approach, we will be able to cater for all your aviation needs.

If you ask any informed commentator familiar with the General Aviation sector what the future holds for light aviation in South Africa, he will be compelled to declare that a fundamental restructuring of the South African market is taking place. The reasons for these changes are several and varied, The exorbitant costs of operating certified aircraft is having a large influence on the buying patterns in the recreational market and is driving the move of pilots and investors towards non-type certified aircraft ownership. The popularity and economy of new light composite technologies, as well as improvements in metal and wood technology, emerging from all over the world is yet another factor. Further Technological advances in the design of more efficient and economical engines, without compromising reliability in any way is also a huge advantage to the industry. The increasing manufacturing volumes of NTCA products and reductions in price have led to a popular awareness and an extremely good safety statistics.

ALPI Aviation SA was established in 2007 after identifying the need for not only the sale of well-designed products but also the need for an accredited and certified training organization to cater for this growth. We now operate a Flight School, which is certified to CAA and RAASA standards.

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