The Committee

The Committee 2021-2022

Chairman:Francois Tolmay
Vice- Chairperson:Chrsitine Pratley
Treasurer:Leon Meintjies
Hangars:Paul Cumming
Finance & Insurance:Leon Meintjies, Christine Pratley, Francois Tolmay
Airfield Ground Maintenance:Reyno Coetzer
Clubhouse:Animike Cloete
Membership & Club Notices:Francois Tolmay
Club Rules & Regulations:Leon Meintjies, Francois Tolmay
Fuel:Francois Tolmay
Social Media & Website:Animike Cloete
Catering:Leon Meintjies
Security:Grant Rousseau
Safety Oficer:Charles Pratley
Legal:Clive Kau, Christine Pratley
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